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Discover X will hold from June 1-3, 2020 as a 48-hr hackathon which will conclude with a demo day to present the solutions. It will bring together problem solvers with diverse skill sets who are proficient in future technologies including Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and VR/AR/MR to hack solutions to problems identified at the Industry Hack.

Venture Building

We partner with leading corporations to build new businesses, products and distribution channels.

Incubation & Accelerators


The incubation stage typically lasting a couple of months is where entrepreneurs, teams or organizations, having analyzed the feasibility of the proposed ideas and consequent products, build a market viable prototype and prepare themselves for marketing. Discover X will not only incubate hackathon projects, but connect these products with proper funding by providing exposure and access to mentorship networks.


The acceleration stage also lasting a few months, will provide a complete business advisory service similar to the traditional management consulting or mentoring, but adjusted to fit tech startups. The primary focus of this stage is on growth and the evaluation of organizational, operational, financial and strategic difficulties that would possibly be faced by the tech-preneur and his prototype product. Discover X also offers a variety of workshops, seminars and developmental programmes aimed at equipping the entrepreneur with requisite information resources and skills to pitch his innovation before a potential investor. This plays a pivotal role at this stage of the product cycle.

Workshops & Training

We provide workshops and training to younr entreprenuers; developing skills and decision making processes.

Discover X Training teaches the skills needed to design, develop, implement, maintain or support a particular tech innovation.

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